​Full Salon Groom​ - $40.00 and up, depending on breed. Groom price includes Bath, Nail Trim and Pads, Anal Glands,  Ear Cleaning, Sanitary Trim , The Cut and 15  Minutes Brushing.

​Bath ​ - $25.00 and up, depending on breed. Bath includes Bath, Nail Trim, Anal Glands, Ear Cleaning and 15 Minutes Brushing.   There is an extra $5.00 fee for all Flea or Medicated Baths that have to soak for specified time. If a pet has fleas a flea bath will be given to prevent the spread of fleas to other clients.

​FFT (Face Feet & Tail) ​ - Standard price is $5.00 off the regular groom price. FFT is a Bath, Trimming the Face, Feet and Tail, and Brushing of the Body

Other Services:

​Sanitary Trims including Pads

Nail Trims

​Ear Cleaning

Teeth Brushing

Anal Gland Expression

Brush Out, Hand Stripping - $32/ hour or $8.00 for 15 minutes

Odor Treatment

Eye corner / Visor Trim

Face Trim

​Neat Feet including Pads

​Polishing Of Nails

​**If more than 15 minutes is required of brushing, extra charges will apply.**


Sharon Hayes' Groom Room